The company “Uricon – Group” is developing, manufacturing and supplying medical devices for laser surgery. All the equipment is registered in the territory of the Russian Federation and is registration certificates and certificates of conformity.

The equipment produced by our company is the latest development in the field of surgery.

Equipment manufacturing work is carried out jointly with the company “Center of laser technologies”, which specializes in developing world-class laser technology. The company conducted extensive research on the effects of laser radiation on biological tissue, the development of modern laser emitters, control and delivery of laser radiation.

Years of experience in the field of laser technology has allowed to create a line of modern laser medical devices AST for surgery and force therapy. These devices have been successfully used in various fields of medicine: surgery, proctology, dermatology, phlebology, cosmetology, ENT, dentistry, urology, gynecology and others.

 Our specialists will help to choose the right equipment will make the training of your staff to work with the equipment and provide professional after-sales service of medical equipment.

The advantages of using lasers in surgery.

The use of laser radiation in medicine got its start in 1964. The wide spread of the lasers in medicine began to get in the 80 years in hospitals and clinics in the US. Most of the time used carbon dioxide and argon lasers, and used them in surgery and ophthalmology. Today the area of application of lasers in medicine is very broad and includes almost all directions. Initially, the laser was a good alternative to surgical scalpel, but nowadays laser is superior to traditional methods and has several advantages:

cutting a coagulation zone which reduces blood loss, the surgeon can operate on the dry surgical field;

high temperature in the laser beam coverage area provides sterilization of wounds, reduces the risk of contracting various infections;

laser effects are accompanied by minimal tissue edema, reduced operating and postoperative pain, reduced probability of postoperative complications (good hemostasis takes place in the field of laser effects);

good control of the surgical field and the accuracy of exposure at low invasiveness of the intervention;

operating permit suturing the wound edges;

reduced need for drugs, particularly antibiotics;

reduced postoperative period and the period of treatment, hospitalization in many cases can be replaced by outpatient treatment;

contactless removal of biological tissues with minimum damage is done with high accuracy. This, in turn, prevents scar formation and gives good cosmetic effect on the skin during interventions;

together with the use of endoscopic equipment;

• there is no risk of contracting dangerous infections such as HIV and hepatitis, because there is no contact with surgical instruments.



International Scientific and Technical Conference «Extreme Robotics»

July 26-27, 2018, the International Scientific and Technical Conference «Extreme Robotics» was held, in which robotics specialists took part, including representatives


Conference «Extreme Robotics»

July 26-27, 2018 The Russian State Scientific Center for Robotics and Technical Cybernetics (RTC) collects on its platform participants of the