Лазер для отоларингологии

Lasers in Otolaryngology. The main benefits of using

Today laser in otolaryngology is one of the most effective methods of treatment of various ENT pathologies and allows doctors to carry out complex operations quality while avoiding the complications and relapses in patients.

Using the laser in otolaryngology, doctors can provide professional assistance to their patients without hospitalization. Also, laser in otolaryngology allows for a treatment of several pathologies ENT one patient in one operation.

In addition to all of the above, the use of a laser for operations provide a good coagulating properties, reduces pain, promotes high precision manipulation using endoscopic technique also allows for the simultaneous treatment of multiple foci of disease.

The use of the laser in otorhinolaryngology is due to:

  • His high scientific proven efficacy confirmed in medical practice throughout the world;
  • Lovely coagulating properties that reduce swelling and pain in the patient’s remission;
  • Immunnostimuliruyuschim action;
  • High precision manipulation using endoscopic technique allows the treatment of a number of ENT pathologies in the same patient in one operation, performed without hospitalization, day hospital (which also allows you to largely avoid the possibility of relapse);
  • Painless treatment of patients in day care;
  • Reduction of the term of the healing process rights;
  • The possibility of laser treatment at all stages of the disease;

Application examples:

Application of the nose:

  • hypertrophic rhinitis;
  • neuro-vegetative and perennial allergic rhinitis;
  • bilateral polypoid rhinosinusitis;
  • chronic purulent sinusitis;
  • parietal-hyperplastic sinusitis and etmoidit;
  • cysts of the maxillary sinuses;
  • adhesions and scar atresia of the nasal cavity;
  • turbinate hypertrophy, choanal atresia;
  • epistaxis, nasal polyposis;
  • outdoor education and nasal cavity;
  • deviated septum;
  • papillomatosis otolaryngology.

Applications in the area of the throat:

  • tonsillar hypertrophy tube in children with glue ear;
  • hypertrophy of adenoid vegetation;
  • hypertrophy of palatine and lymph pillars;
  • Chronic hypertrophic pharyngitis;
  • hyperplasia lymph side pillars;
  • chronic tonsillitis;
  • hyperplasia of the lymphoid tissue residues after tonzilloektomii;
  • ectopic thyroid more to the root of the tongue;
  • cysts of the tonsils, base of the tongue;
  • benign and malignant tumors of the pharynx;
  • ronchopathy (snore).

Applications in the area of the larynx:

  • cysts of the vocal folds;
  • polyps and non-specific granuloma.

Application in the ear:

  • removal of granulation tissue, polyps in the tympanic cavity after chronic otitis;
  • removal of scar stenosis of the external auditory passage;
  • tympanostomy and tympanotomy.

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