Лазер для косметологии

The modern laser applications in cosmetology

Today, there are many different ways to treat vascular lesions, one of which is the use of lasers in cosmetology series ACT.

Diseases associated with vascular abnormalities, can create as a minor inconvenience cosmetic and serious problems.

The use of lasers in cosmetology due to:

  • Selective effect on a tissue: the scalp, vascular grid spots, no pathological effects on the others.
  • Efficiency of getting rid of the blood vessels: no damage to the surrounding tissue
  • Lack of education of pigments in the skin and eliminating scarring

With the new method, the treatment of varicose veins was virtually painless. During a session is possible only feeling light tingling. Specialists will be able to conduct laser procedures for the treatment of vascular diseases of the skin without any problems, in most cases, treatment is carried out without anesthesia.

The use of lasers in cosmetic enables percutaneous laser coagulation (method of treating varicose veins), interstitial hyperthermia (a method for treating benign and malignant tumors of the skin large and inoperable cutaneous and subcutaneous metastases), treatment of deep or extensive vascular neoplasms.

The advantages of using lasers in cosmetics in the postoperative period:

  • Operations are conducted without bloodshed
  • Significantly reduces swelling
  • Patients undergoing restoration with minimal pain sensations
  • Reduces the number of used analgesics
  • Recovery is much faster
  • The achieved cosmetic effect is high

A variety of lasers series AСT allow doctors efficiently solve the problems of people suffering from cardiovascular pathologies. The use of lasers in cosmetology successfully implemented during cutting and coagulation of biological tissue, the treatment of skin diseases. Compact modern laser scalpels are indispensable in modern dermatology and cosmetology. No expert can be no doubt that the use of lasers in cosmetic enable it to effectively carry out medical procedures of any complexity.

Application examples:

Endovenous Laser Treatment:

  • vascular dysplasia (cavernous hemangiomas, venous and arteriovenous dysplasia (irradiation through an ice cube), lymphangioma mixed);
  • hemangiomas (capillary, cavernous, irradiation through an ice cube);
  • telangiectasia on the face, on the legs;
  • angioma lips;
  • senile hemangioma.

Treatment of deep or extensive vascular tumors:

  • vascular dysplasia;
  • venous and arteriovenous dysplasia;
  • lymphangioma mixed;
  • cavernous hemangioma.
Interstitial hyperthermia

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