Laser treatment in proctology. The main benefits of using

The use of laser in proctology allows for effective treatment of disease of the distal rectum and perianal area and significantly improves the quality of care for any disease of this region, requiring surgical intervention.

One of the most effective methods of laser application in proctology is a minimally invasive laser surgery for hemorrhoids and fistula.

The treatment of hemorrhoids using a laser medical device ACT «Dual» – this method is used for the treatment of hemorrhoids stage II-III development at an appropriate local or general anesthesia. During the operation uses a specially designed fiber instrument through which runs Endoluminal laser coagulation both segmental and round hemorrhoids. Controlled laser radiation is applied to the haemorrhoid center acting specifically on the biological tissue structure, removing nodes from the inside, while not damaging the mucosa and the structure of the sphincter. In addition, reconstruction creates new fibrous connective tissue, which ensures that the mucous membrane adheres to underlying tissue. This also prevents the occurrence or recurrence of the prolapse.

This method is an analogue of the existing methods of hemorrhoid treatment (electrocautery, surgical scalpel), and has a number of advantages over them:

  • Reducing the volume of tissue in hemorrhoids;
  • Restoring the natural anatomical structure;
  • Reducing the risk of recurrence;
  • Reduction of time for the operation (less than 20 minutes);
  • Reduces patient recovery (from 4 to 7 days);
  • Haemostatic properties;
  • Minimal thermal tissue damage.

Treatment of anal fistula using a laser medical device AST «Dual» – this method is used for the accurate removal of the anal fistula tract without sphincter damage. During the operation using a specially designed radial optic instrument. Tool gently inserted from the outside by means of the pilot beam. Laser radiation radially affects the fistula, thereby epiteliziruemaya tissue is destroyed in a controlled manner, and a fistula tract is destroyed. It also supports and accelerates the healing process.

  • application examples:
  • hemorrhoids;
  • anal fissure;
  • paraproctitis;
  • adrectal fistulas;
  • tailbone cyst;
  • epithelial coccygeal passages;
  • perianal warts and papillomatosis area and rectum.

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