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Lasers in Dentistry and their main advantages

Get rid of problems in the mouth – not the most pleasant experience, which often leads people to envision the worst pictures! But today, anyone can come to the clinic, where the practice of laser treatment in dentistry.

What, then, are the advantages of lasers in dentistry ACT? The work of these medical devices are characterized by very high capacity, but the use of lasers in dentistry can not be called complicated to operate, these devices are fairly simple, plus they are small in size and well placed in the workplace in the office of a dentist.

Use of laser in dentistry directed to the treatment of periodontal and oral mucosa, sterilization of the root canal and tooth whitening.

The use of laser in dentistry due to:

  • clean and bloodless surgical field;
  • good visual control;
  • precision manipulations;
  • full sterile field;
  • absence of postoperative complications;
  • rapid healing of wounds.

As in other areas of medicine, dental lasers allow almost completely eliminate bleeding, so that one becomes less unpleasant sensation. It is necessary to clarify that in the treatment of diseases of the oral cavity using a special diode laser in dentistry, with optimal radiation wavelength – 980 nm, which provides simultaneous absorption of laser radiation hemoglobin and water.

  The advantages of using laser in dentistry in the postoperative period:

  • The almost complete absence of edema
  • Skips the need for large quantities of painkillers
  • Recovery is quick and almost painless
  • Patients receive high-level cosmetic effect

Want to improve the operation of its clinic – start laser treatments in dentistry.

Minimal tissue trauma, and treatment with minimal anesthesia – all allow lasers in dentistry. This is particularly important for people whose bodies are poorly tolerate pain relievers.

Diode laser dentistry allows all procedures for the treatment of the oral cavity with minimal pain and contributes to the well-being of patients after treatment.

If laser treatment, reduced healing time, and it allows for all treatments in conditions of maximum sterility. Patients can not be afraid that they will cure one disease but infect others.

The use of laser in dentistry, and also helps reduce the risk of cross-infection.

The lasers used in dentistry during operations in the area of the mouth, paradontology, endologii and teeth whitening.

Conduct high-level surgery, aimed at removal or dissection of tissue folds, bridle allows the use of high-end laser dentistry.

Conduct longitudinal dissection of pathological periodontal pocket, open head implatantov. All this and more allows the laser treatment in dentistry.

Application examples:

Minor oral surgery:

  • frenectomy;
  • gingivotomy and gingivectomy;
  • removal hoods at perekoronarite;
  • different sections, etc.
  • hemostasis;
  • tooth crown lengthening;
  • opening heads implants.


  • sterilization sulcus;
  • closed curettage of periodontal pockets;
  • support for open curettage.


  • sterilization of the root canal;
  • treatment of granulomas and sinus tracts.

Teeth Whitening:

  • activation of bleaching gel.

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