International Industrial Exhibition “INNOPROM 2016″

Международная выставка Иннопром 2016

In the period 11-14 July 2016. Company «Uricon Group» participated in «INNOPROM 2016» International Industrial Exhibition,

«INNOPROM» - is the largest Russian industrial exhibition in 2016. The exhibition was visited by about 60 000 people from 95 countries. Status «INNOPROM» as the largest industrial exhibition of the country, highlights the visiting dignitaries. At the opening of the Innovation Forum, Dmitry Medvedev arrived. Highly rated show innovation vice-premier of the Russian Government Dmitry Rogozin, head of the Industry and Trade Denis Manturov and Vice Premier Wu Yi – Mr Wang Yang.

Stand of «Uricon Group» was part of the exhibition Industry and Trade Ministry of Russia. At the stand of the laser medical device ACT Dual was demonstrated. Most visitors to the stand were the heads of industrial enterprises, Production technology, the designer who had no relation to occupational medicine, but, nevertheless, will appreciate the ability of our equipment. The greatest interest of visitors caused the use of the device in phlebology, for clarity, the layout of the endovenous laser obliteration was introduced.


Лазерный медицинский апарат АСТ Dual   Применение лазера в флебологии

Международная выставка Иннопром 2016

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