Cultural and business mission of St. Petersburg in the Kaluga region


In the period from 20-21 May 2015 the company “Uricon- Group” participated in the cultural and business mission of St. Petersburg in the Kaluga region, in the “Cluster of medical and ecological instrument engineering and biotechnology.”

He led the official delegation of St. Petersburg Chairman of the Committee on Industrial Policy and Innovations St. Petersburg M.S.Meyksin. It is composed of representatives of the executive authorities, educational and cultural institutions, the business community in St. Petersburg.

May 20 an official meeting with the Minister M.S.Meyksina industry and small businesses in the Kaluga region V.E.Stroganovym expanded. During the meeting they discussed issues of bilateral cooperation in the fields of industrial cooperation, entrepreneurship support, sharing experience of implementing cluster policy, primarily in the pharmaceutical and IT-industry, as well as the need for exchange of information on issues of import substitution and create conditions to stimulate demand for domestic goods. M.S.Meyksin expressed interest in increasing direct supply to market Kaluga St. Petersburg and intensify exhibition activity. Separately, the parties recognized the important interaction between Petersburg NP “A cluster of medical, environmental and biotechnology Instrumentation” and NP “pharmaceutical cluster in Kaluga.”

The program of cultural and business mission of St. Petersburg includes the presentation of the industrial and investment potential of St. Petersburg and Kaluga region, industry roundtables on the development of industry, business and tourism round table with representatives of the medical institutions of the region and the residents of NP “A cluster of medical, environmental Instrumentation and biotechnology. “

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