ACT 1064


ACT СТОМА- a modern compact laser scalpel for dentistry. The device is based on a reliable and durable diode laser with a working life of more than 30 000 hours. Wavelength – 980 nm ensures optimal absorption of laser light by hemoglobin and water simultaneously. ACT STOMA allows bloodlessly dissect the biological tissue with minimal thermal damage. Examples of use in dentistry: frenectomy, gingivotomy, removal hood, sterilization sulcus, treatment pellets and sinus tracts, activation whitening gel, aphthae, herpes, opening of heads implants.

 Technical characteristics
Wavelength, nm 980
Laser type Diode
Power, W 7,10
Parameter setting and control Touch screen, 7 inches
Preset Modes for 50 types of operations
Pulse duration, ms In the range of 5-100 ms in 5 ms In the range of 100-500 ms in 20 ms
Pause duration, ms In the range of 5-100 ms in 5 ms In the range of 100-500 ms in 20 ms
Modes of operation Continuous Pulse
Beam delivery system Fiber-optic cable (200 micron, 400 micron, 600 micron)
Cooling Air
The laser light The wavelength of 520 nm (green), output power of 1 mW


International Scientific and Technical Conference «Extreme Robotics»

July 26-27, 2018, the International Scientific and Technical Conference «Extreme Robotics» was held, in which robotics specialists took part, including representatives


Conference «Extreme Robotics»

July 26-27, 2018 The Russian State Scientific Center for Robotics and Technical Cybernetics (RTC) collects on its platform participants of the