15 children ill intestinal infection in a kindergarten Vasilievsky Island

A large outbreak of intestinal infection detected among children GDOU № 36 Vasilievsky Island in St. Petersburg. Most likely it is a disease caused by rotavirus.
Fifteen of the 43 children attending kindergarten, last Friday raise the body temperature, nausea and vomiting. Three children, is a graduate of the preschool, children hospitalized in urban hospitals.
Employees Rospotrebnadzor with explaining the circumstances and causes of the incident. Results of the study samples of baby foods will be ready within a week. GDOU № 36 closed for quarantine.
This is not the first major focus of rotavirus infection in children’s institutions. In July 2012, an outbreak of the infection has been registered in the seaside camp “Dream”. In May 2012, 46 suffered from rotavirus young children in the city of Togliatti, which were fed on milk in the kitchen of one of the city clinics.

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