Ministry of Health approved the order and terms of additional training of medical and pharmaceutical workers

The Ministry of Health approved a new procedure and terms of improving medical and pharmaceutical staff of professional knowledge and skills.

According to the order of the Russian Ministry of Health 3.08.2012 № 66n “On approval of the order and terms of improving health care providers and pharmaceutical staff of professional knowledge and skills through training in additional professional education programs for educational and research institutions,” each employee healthcare and pharmaceutical sector in to enhance the skills, knowledge and practical skills, as well as an employee who is planning to carry out activities in a higher position or the performance of a new kind of medical and pharmaceutical activity, should receive additional training in educational and research institutions at least once every five years.

Education can be provided in the form of training, retraining or training of employees with a separation or partial separation from work or on individual programs. The need to pass officer training established by the employer.

Timing, form, content learning define educational and research institutions to meet the requirements of federal state educational standards of secondary and higher education, federal government requirements for postgraduate programs of vocational education in the relevant specialty and employer needs. Employer in consultation with the head of an educational or scientific organization sets the duration of probation officer.

New order to settle the situation in which an employee works for a long time on a certain position in spite of the fact that education is not in accordance with

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