The ACT Laser Device for Proctology

In the overall structure of anorectal pathology, cases of chronic haemorrhoids account for more than 43%. There is a wide selection of hardware today for minimally invasive treatment of proctological diseases.

There have been created highly effective and sparing methods of surgical interventions, which are an alternative to haemorrhoidectomy; they are recommended for use on an outpatient basis. Our company offers laser equipment and methods for submicose destruction of haemorrhoids for use in proctology.

Indications for use:

  • haemorrhoids
  • anal fissure
  • paraproctitis
  • perianal fistulas
  • coccyx cysts
  • epithelial coccygeal passages
  • condylomatosis and papillomatosis of the perianal zone and rectum

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The use of the ACT Dual laser allows for the effective treatment of the pathology of the distal rectal and perianal regions and significantly improves the quality of medical care for any proctological diseases requiring surgical intervention.

The essence of the proposed laser method for the treatment of stage 3–4 haemorrhoids is as follows:

  • rays of 980 nm wavelength perform a transdermal puncture with an end-face light guide, then the light guide is conducted in two or three radial directions along the entire thickness of the cavernous tissue of the haemorrhoid;
  • the light guide is extracted (by rays of 1470 nm wavelength), and the laser destruction of tissues is performed, while the volume of the internal pile decreases by 3–4 times.

The proposed method is analogous to the existing methods of treatment of haemorrhoids (electrocoagulator, surgical scalpel), while clinical studies have revealed a number of advantages of our method:

  • decreasing tissue volume in a haemorrhoidal bolus;
  • reducing the risk of recurrence;
  • performing operations on an outpatient basis, reducing the time of the operation (less than 20 minutes);
  • reducing patient recovery time (4–7 days);
  • high haemostatic properties;
  • pain syndrome attenuation.

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