Consumables tools

A set of consumable tools to work with ACT laser medical devices

Fibre optic cable holder

The holder is used with end-face radiation type fibre cables to lead conveniently the fibre to the operating area.


Fibre optic cable with radial radiation

Radial light-guide tool designed for the endovasal laser coagulation (EVLC) of the short and long saphenous veins of the lower limbs.


Fibre optic cable with end-face radiation type

A universal light-guide tool for use in laser surgery, with direct radiation output. The tool is used to supply laser radiation from the ACT device to the operating area. The end-face light-guide tool allows cold sterilization and multiple use.


Fibre optic cable with focusing nozzle

The focusing device is used for percutaneous laser coagulation of venous lakes (telangiectasias, TAE), vaporization and coagulation of tissues in a non-contact manner.


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