27th International Exhibition “Healthcare, Medical Equipment and Medicinal Products” - 2017


From December 4 to 8, 2017, Uricon Group Company took part in “Healthcare 2017” exhibition held in the framework of the Russian Health Week, the largest international forum dedicated to current trends in the development of world medicine and domestic healthcare.

Our company introduced two laser minimally invasive surgery ACT devices: 

ACT laser devices are the result of the latest developments of our company in the field of surgery. The equipment is manufactured jointly with Laser technology centre (St. Petersburg), a leading Russian developer of world-class laser technology.

ACT 1470 laser medical device is intended for treatment of varicose veins. The use of this device has many advantages over traditional methods such as phlebectomy and radiofrequency ablation. Operations are carried out on an outpatient basis, painlessly and with high efficiency – complete relief from varicose veins is observed in 98% of patients. Excellent cosmetic results, as well as speed of the operation (no more than 40 minutes) were appreciated by specialists and visitors of the exhibition.

ACT Dual laser medical device, operating on two wavelengths of laser radiation, is used in general surgery and is especially effective in treatment of proctologic diseases. The use of the device allows to treat effectively hemorrhoids and other pathologies of distal rectum and perianal region, and also significantly improves the quality of medical care for any pathological diseases requiring surgical intervention.

Visitors to our stand, market specialists, medical practitioners, managers and owners of medical centres, praised the effectiveness of our technology. During the exhibition, cooperation agreements were reached and several contracts for the supply of equipment were concluded.

“Healthcare” exhibition is an excellent platform for demonstrating new developments and technologies to a wide range of specialists and market professionals. We are waiting for you at the following exhibitions and in our office in St. Petersburg.

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