The ACT Laser Surgical Device for Gynaecology

The use of the ACT Dual Mini surgical device is one of the promising areas of surgery development, particularly of surgery of the external genital organs, vagina, cervix and uterine cavity.

In gynaecology, high-power radiation is used for amputation and extirpation of the uterus, wedge-shaped resection of the ovaries, conservative myomectomy, endometriosis.

Indications for use:

Vulva and vagina diseases and disorders:

  • leukoplakia
  • first, second, third degree dysplasia
  • papillomata
  • plastic surgery on the external genital organs

Cervical diseases and disorders:

  • ectopia
  • eroded ectropion
  • cervical endometriosis

Uterine diseases and disorders:

  • endometrial ablation
  • removal of a barrier of a uterine cavity
  • removal of endometrial polyps
  • treatment of fibroids with laser interstitial therapy

Breast care:

  • laser treatment of mammary cysts by laser interstitial thermotherapy method

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The ACT Dual Mini laser has a wavelength of 980 nm, which combines optimal absorption properties (1–2 mm) with haemoglobin and aqueous tissue components simultaneously. With such absorption, the effect of the laser on biotissues is more gentle in comparison with cryogenic, electrosurgical and plasma scalpels, less swelling is achieved and the area of thermal damage is reduced. Healing takes place without leukocyte infiltration, which contributes to the acceleration of regeneration processes. Thus, the laser scalpel performs the functions of traditional surgical methods most effectively, as well as with less risk to a patient’s health. The benefits of using a laser scalpel are:

  • high-precision laser exposure due to the use of a colposcope with different resolutions;
  • no bleeding due to vascular coagulation;
  • no coarse scars and stenoses due to the small depth of radiation penetration;
  • short postoperative period;
  • absence of pain syndrome;
  • outpatient operations.

Used devices

Used in areas: Gynecology, Dermatology, Otolaryngology
Used in areas: Gynecology, Dermatology, Urology, General surgery, Proctology, Phlebology, Otolaryngology
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