АСТ 1064

A laser device for the treatment of fungal nail infections (onychomycosis). To acquire the ACT 1064 device please contact the “Fujitora” company – the official distributor of our company.


Laser treatment of nail fungus is a clinically proven cutting-edge method of impacting the nail plate in order to eliminate the nail fungus and restore the healthy appearance of the nail plate.


ACT 1064 has an immediate effect on the mycelium, consisting of a network of hyphae – tightly intertwined fine filamentary tubules. It is the hyphae that support the vital activity of dermatophytes and other pathogenic fungi that affect the nails, by ensuring the absorption of fluid and nutrients.

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The laser radiation wavelength is set to 1064 nm, which provides easy treatment and prevents the development of nail fungus.

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