Trends and traditions in operative proctology

On September 14 - 15, 2018, in the city of Kazan International Practical School “Trends and traditions in operative proctology. For experts and beginners” was held.

The school program included reports from recognized experts from Russia, Israel, Serbia, and Korea, as well as online operations with demonstration of breakthrough and classic technologies in the treatment of proctologic diseases. Exponential dissection of applied pelvic and perineal anatomy on cadaver material (human model) was of particular interest.

At the conference, Uricon Group Company presented АСТ Dual laser medical device for use in operative coloproctology. Associate Professor of Coloproctology Course of Pavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical University Anatoly Ivanovich Nedozimovovanny successfully performed the operation “Laser submucous destruction of hemorrhoids” using our device.

According to the results of the examination of patients operated on by various techniques, experts and practitioners were able to see for themselves the high efficiency of the operation performed on ACT Dual device. With comparable time and ease of use of our and competing technologies, pain and rehabilitation rate of a patient operated on using our technology turned out to be significantly lower due to a significantly lower degree of tissue destruction and generally more benign ablation and coagulation modes used in АСТ Dual device.

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